Does a Man Feel Bad When He Makes You Cry?

In this Blog, we have described the man feel bad when he you cry so we have described those reasons man feels bad when he makes cry; this is such fact is that men feel bad when they are hurting their egos; another reason is just like friendship, relationship, family pressure, job pressure, business pressure, and other reasons. 


Let’s discuss this in brief. 

  • The Man Feel Very Bad when they hurt you.

The fact man feels very bad when they hurt you for any reason, and after they feel apologize and regret, so try to say sorry to you, but unfortunately, they dont dare to tell you sorry. 

  • He severely looks at you whenever where you are 

He always carries you when you get into a fight with him, and after you have to go somewhere after fighting because when you get angry, he realizes very fast and carries you on behind your back. 

  • He can find a way to reach you

He found a way to reach you because when you get fighting and you have to go anywhere in angriness after duration a time, he has realized that he is hurting you, and he was thinking about how he finding you 

  • He has to feel counted down.

You can severally check his facial expressions to see if that is how they are trying to hurt you. He was calmy and silent after realizing and apologizing to you. 

  • He appears on you 

The man is trying to appear to you whenever you feel bad, and he always cares for you more after fighting whenever you fight with him for any reason. He tries to feel sorry for you, but he always appears you in your emergency. 

  • He Feeling Angry 

He Feel angry because he realised he was making a mistake and tried apologising to you. Still, you can’t accept his apology whenever it’s a marriage, friendship, or love relationship. 


  • He is feeling an embarrassed

In the argument, shame is one thing that makes someone feel embarrassed, and they try to argue with you whether it’s a relationship or marriage matter. He doesn’t show weakness to you, and whenever his fault, he feels embarrassed about you during his fault. 

  • He Feels that he was right. 

This is the Factor that the self-ego on men during arguments; he feels that he is right during arguments, and he severally thinks about himself and he dont not during arguments when did say the way negatively during arguments.

  • He was confused 

In the way of relationships during arguments, he feels confused, and in human psychology, man, what the fault on his during arguments he was trying to silence. 

  • He understands the feelings. 

He understands that in a relationship when you get sad and try to tell him about your serious problems, he tries to understand you and also moves to solve your problems. 

The fact is that the friendship of a boy and a girl are more honest friendship than another girl’s friendship, the friendship of a boy and girl trying to understand each other problem; this fact is based on human psychology. 

  • He was always trying to be honest with you. 

The man is trying to have a direct relationship with you when they know your past and your background; they are about a true relationship, and he is always trying to be happy on you and always trying to care for you; this is called a true happiness relationship.

  • He feels depressed and sad. 

He feels depressed or sad because of the relationship breakup, financial problems, family pressure, or job pressure. These are the basic kinds of the man feel very depressed or sad.

How Do Guys Feel When You Cry Does A Man?

Does a Man Feel Bad When He Makes You Cry?

The guy Feels when you cry, does a man understand the important fact that guy feels embraced and guilty when they see you on cry? 

So your guy is trying to convince you and trying to solve your problem is that the factor when you cry 

when you go any where with your friends, and you don’t control your emotions and you and suddenly when you during you don’t control your cry emotions so it a factor is that when the man cries with any problem, so the problem is that depression, anxiety, family pressure these are the reasons that when you cry during when you go somewhere with your guy so its a factor of the human behavior is that doesn’t control the emotion, so it’s also a cause is that when you remembered your bad days and your friends like makes a joke with you and also trying to teasing you and you don’t like your friend’s joke and after you feel very angry and also make coming cry with your guys, so it’s based on the human behavioral factor is that causes when you make cries with your guys, so it’s necessary that doing these things 

  1. Control your emotions 
  2. Never share those guy problems when they tease you 
  3. Trying to be very happy with any situations 
  4. Always be smiling in any situations 

This is an important point to note that when you have serious depression during the depression when you are confused about your problems. What should you do unnecessarily when you lose your coolness during the fault when trying your problem with another close friend, so my meaning is to say? Without solving the problem, you have to try to convey an aspect that your close friend is solving your problem, so it’s not necessary to solve your problem because already your friend was faced with any problem, so you tell that how to solve your problem so its a better is that solve your problem there is no person to solve another person problem in this situation when you are doing this thing is that. 

  1. Be calm and Be Patient 
  2. To understand your problem and find yourself a solution to your problem 
  3. Be cool with any situation 
  4. Dont React Fast to any of your problems. 

In conclusion, these tips help you calm down in any situation, and you have found a way to find a problem and discuss the problem with the man when he makes you cry. 


By Saksham Chopra

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