How Many Types of Stressors are There?

Some Information About Types of Stressors are There

 The stressors is an event or situation that causes stress just about anything can be a stressors as long as it is perceived as a danger. Stress is responsible for danger.

The Types of Stressors 

  • Crises, catastrophes
  • Major life events
  • Daily hassles/ micro stressors 
  • Ambient Stressors 

According to ursin (1988), the common factor between these types of stressors is an inconsistency between expected events. and the perceived events that cannot be resolved satisfactorily which puts stress.

How Many Kinds of Stress are There?

There are four types of stress are in there physical stress, psychological stress, psychosocial stress, and psychospiritual stress.

How Many Types of Stressors are There?

  • Physical stress

like trauma (injury, infection, surgery) intense physical labor, overexertion, and environmental pollution ( pesticides, herbicides, toxins, or heavy metals, inadequate light, or radiation, noise electromagnetic fields). illness like (viral, bacterial, or fungal agents), Fatigue inadequate supply of oxygen, hypoglycemia ( Low blood sugar) hormonal and/ or biochemical imbalances dietary stress like (nutrition deficiencies, food allergies, and sensitives, or unhealthy eating habits) dehydration is also included in physical stress

  • Psychological Stress 

Psychological Stress is a popular term denoting processes believed to contribute to the onset and maintenance of a variety of mental and physical conditions despite the widespread interest in psychological stress and its consequences for health.

Examples of Psychological stress include Emotional stress ( resentments, fears, frustration, sadness, and anger is an example of psychological stress.

  • Psychosocial stresses 

The psychosocial stress includes marriage relationship difficulties, passion, siblings, children, family, employer, and coworkers) Lack of social support, Lack of resources, Loss of Employment. Loss of Lovers, home foreclosure, and isolation.

  • Psycho-Spiritual Stresses

Crisis values meaning and purposes: Joyless striving instead of productive, satisfying, meaningful, and fulfilling work, a misalignment within one’s core spiritual beliefs.

Example: The overall improperly or ineffectively managed stress usually takes a toll on the body. When stress-related feelings, moods, or emotions are pushed into the body. The term is also used for psychosomatic or psychogenic illness, which includes headaches, heart palpitations, physical, cognitive, or emotional pain, and suffering, constricted throat and shallow are examples of psychospiritual stresses.

The result of prolonged psychospiritual stresses on immune function increased susceptibility to infectious and immune-related diseases and cancer. The emotional stresses and hormonal imbalances (adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, etc.) also include types of stress in tendons. Its stress-strain curve has an initial toe, region, where the tendon is stained up to 2% Tendons stress

  • Nitric oxide
  • Tendinosis
  • Collagen
  • Flurbiprofen
  • Tennis Elbow

Psychological stress is the connected emotion on mentally that causes stress; any factor that stress effect mentally by the causes of thinking negatively. This is the fact that the person will disappoint because they having stress with any cause to thinking the negative stressors is a type of the stress to identify the incapability and the loss of energy of a person.

This is the fact that the person will disappoint because they have stress with any cause to thinking the negative stressors is a type of stress to identify the incapability and the loss of energy of a person.
Feeling negative, thinking negatively and Behavior changes of a person are the aspect of psychological stressors in psychology.


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