How To Kill Our Ego?

In this Blog, we have described how to kill your ego, so basically, ego is that when you are angry with any cause, whenever your member is one of that person, suppose your father or mother is scolding you, you feel outraged. Your ego is the heart; this is the term for ego.
Ego is one of the things that in the way of negatively you feel outraged; its also term is psychological way to way of comparison with another person; suppose you doest do work properly with any platform and your partner and your family members like your brother and sister do these things efficiently, so it a term is ego.
This is the fact that the self-centered person never learns anything because the wrong way of the self-centered person is they think they know everything; it’s a wrong assumption because your brain is never developing to learn new things.

  • To Learn New Things
    It is necessary that when you have a comparison so, you try to learn new things and accept that Mistake, so what have you done in your recent time move on and prepare next phase when you have compared, and also try to work on your weaknesses.
  • Do not Compare with others.
    This is the wrong tactic for every person, and it’s a fact that the hurting ego is, so you doubt your ability ego severally killed you, resulting in the loss of energy, and the next phase is that you have to try to learn anything.
  • Work on your weakness.
    During another person’s way of comparison, you have to feel very weak; you think that your ego in during situation you feel angry, so you think that your ego was hurt, and severally you think negatively; the secret for you is that notice your friend what the process that they were were taken. Hence, it resulted from an excellent result, and you were doing the same thing, so you don’t generate the result in the way of comparison; the tactic is that ego is present in your thinking; the tactic is that you want to kill your egoistical, so you have to do these tactics is that observe the tactics your friend and doing and improve these things when you were doing during Mistake.

How To Kill Our Ego in Relationships?

How To Kill Our Ego?

The ego is the wrong tactic in relationships; just small things like fighting, angriness in short terms, or negative talk; this is how negative term kills your relationship severally.

These tactics kill how to kill our ego during a relationship. 

  • Accept your Mistake and move onn 

These are excellent tactics the acceptance the Mistake and forgetting that Mistake and moving on and starting to focus on your goals, planning to want to achieve something forgetting the past in the cause of the relationship, whether it is your fault or not when you think that you are writing in own self-respect and other say that you are wrong. You know everything that is an indisputable fact and forget, move onn happily, and try to be happy with yourself. 

  • Always good behavior to others and respect the talent of the other 

Respecting others and respecting that another talent fee is reasonable, and you have to feel very happy to respect the other talent. These tactics help you to kill your ego severally. 

  • Try to help Others during the new conversation. 

Helping someone is a good tactic. It creates a good impression to others to note your behavior and always be calm in any situation and try to help needy people who need your help in energy and after feeling very positive. 


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