How to overcome procrastination

The reason is that people who procrastinate tend to focus on shortcuts than long-term goals. They focus on the short-cut goals to try to achieving success, But the thing is that long-term goal is better than short-term rewards or goals because long-term rewards gain success in long lane.

The Reason people Procrastinate

These are the root of procrastination is fear of failure, anxiety, or perfectionism.


Try to track your days or weeks, and months with the help of a calendar and routine dairy or set the remainder to stay organized for work


When you want to overcome procrastination, use time management and do some productive work to break the check of procrastination.


Stay also focused and productive, and also prioritize work tasks on their importance and deadline


The methods of procrastination are avoiding negative self-talk or self-criticism when facing challenges or critical situations.


You need to identify the reasons for your procrastination.


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