Set the Boundaries:

Strick for your boundaries.Make sure and clear what behaviour you will and not tolerate. This can include limiting contact with the person or ending the relationship altogether. Strick for your boundaries.

Don't Engage in any Argument

Manipulative people overreact and conflict with drama. Dont engage in arguments; try to reason with them instead and stay calm. 

Focus on Praticing and Self Care

Dealing with Manipulative people can be emotional drama, so take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, well eat diet and engage any activities so you have to busy.

Focus on your goals

Manipulative people often try to distract you from others their own goals and dreams. So stay focused on your path, and don't let their action derail you.

Walking Alone and Stay Positive

This is an excellent tactic to walk alone while listening to music and stay happy exercising.

Dont over think about Manipulative People

Dont Overthink about Manipulative people during your arguments; focus on your goals and try to busy yourself with any work; it helps you do distract your mind.

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