With manipulation, we understand that keeping someone else under control for our benefit is called manipulate, according to psychology.
According to Psychology, we understand the manipulate, keeping the other in control for its benefit, is called manipulate according to his desire.
You can read by this example when they keep him under control according to his wish, and it is called manipulate as it is called manipulate to capture the animals for their benefit, it is called in manipulation as per their wish. This is a prominent example of manipulate. Animals, not wanting them to be under human control and remain imprisoned. It means that man kept the animal under his command for his benefit.

Discuss Points that Manipulate

  1. Controlling information or communication to influence others can involve selectively withholding information, twisting the truth, or using persuasive language to impact someone’s opinions or decisions.
  2. Using emotional appeals or psychological tactics to manipulate others can include playing on someone’s fears, insecurities, or desires to get them to do what you want.
  3. Physically manipulating objects or machines to achieve a desired outcome: Using a tool or machine to complete a task more efficiently or effectively.
  4. Exploiting a situation or taking advantage of others for personal gain can involve exploiting loopholes or others for unique benefit or profit.

In general, manipulation is often seen as unethical or harmful, as it involves exploiting or deceiving others to achieve one’s goals. However, manipulation can also be used in more benign or positive ways, such as using persuasive language to encourage someone to adopt a healthy habit or using physical manipulation to complete a task more efficiently. The morality and ethics of manipulation depend on the specific situation and the motivations and goals of the person doing the manipulation.

In Conclusion, the manipulate means when someone uses you for their benefit is that the way of emotional blackmail and normal blackmail in a negative way is the manipulate in terms of psychology

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