In this Blog, we have described what Happens when you ignore a manipulator, so let’s start the exciting topic. 

Ignoring is when a person avoids you without reason; this indicates that the person does not see you and ignores you, so this is the Manipulator.

What happens when you ignore a manipulator

Ignoring manipulators can have different outcomes depending on the specific situation and the Manipulator’s behavior; here are some scenarios of manipulators. 

  1. The Manipulator gives up: It is simply looking for a quick way to exploit your emotions; ignoring them may cause them to lose interest and move on to another target. 
  2. The Manipulator escalates on their tactics: If the Manipulator is highly invested in their goal or has a personality disorder, ignoring them may cause them to become more aggressive and use more extreme tactics to regain control. 
  3. The Manipulator tries a different approach: If the Manipulator is flexible and adaptable, they may try a different tactic to get your attention or to achieve their goal. 
  4. The Manipulator plays a victim: In the cases of someone who may have turned the tables and portrayed themselves as the victim, the claim is that you are being unfair or unresponsive. So this can be an attempt to guilt-trip you into engaging with them again. 

The overall ignoring as a manipulator can be a valuable strategy if the Manipulator’s behavior is not extreme and you can maintain your boundaries. However, in cases where the Manipulator is highly skilled or dangerous, seeking a professional to help and support may be necessary to protect yourself. 

What Happens When You Ignore a Manipulator? Is it Good or Bad?

What happens when you ignore a manipulator

When you ignore as a manipulator, it’s good or bad, so let’s discuss. Ignoring a manipulator can have a different outcome depending on the situation and the Manipulator’s tactics. In some cases, ignoring as a manipulator can be an effective strategy; in others, it may not be the best course of action. 

So If you are dealing with a manipulator who uses tactics like guilt-tripping, emotional blackmail, or other forms of psychological manipulation, ignoring them can be an effective way to avoid getting caught up in their game. So when you don’t engage with a manipulator, you don’t allow them to push your buttons and manipulate your emotions. 

However, there are situations where there may be better options than ignoring a manipulator. For example, if the Manipulator is a coworker or family member, ignoring them could worsen things, as they cause tension and conflict. In these cases, conflict is often better as a manipulator directly sets boundaries for their behavior. 

The best approach to dealing with a manipulator depends on the specific situation and the tactics that they are using. If you are unsure how to handle the situation, it can be useful to seek the advice of a therapist, counselor, or trusted friends or family member. 

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