What is Core Memory in Psychology?

In this Blog, we have described the core memory in psychology 

Lets us Discuss the core memory in psychology 

core memory means when you record some moments from your memory that are good for your day its core memory is known as core memories in psychology. 

What is Core Memory in Psychology?

The Core memory also describes some crucial moments spent when it’s your lucky day and after you have remembered some critical moments when you spend with your friends and family. It is known as core memory in psychology. 

Examples of core memory suppose you are going on a trip with your friends and family and have enjoyed some of these trips. After a few days, you remember these days whenever you have spent these days to spend during trips with your friends and your families. This is the core memory of these moments. We remember whether these moments are good or bad; it’s a core psychological memory. 

These are a few points on the core memories in psychology we have discussed in detailed

  • Core memory in psychology in the old days 

We are remembered our old days whenever we spent some days during childhood with some beautiful moments. These are crucial days because we spent our childhood with our friends in school whenever we did some activities in our old days. When we are remembered those days according to the psychological facts, when we remember some old days and catch some good moments during some activities, old days are a core memory.

  • Why are we remembered some old days?

According to psychology, we are remembered some old days because we spent a lot of time with that kind of happiness, and other things are a part of the core memories that we catch in our minds whenever we are enjoyed our old days. 

  • Delete some negative core memories

The negative core memories can negatively impact your mind, meaning that these old days when you are struggling, some harmful types and You are very shocked by the incident that did not go well with you, as if someone cheated on you.

  • The outcome of negative core memories

It is necessary that the outcome that memory you are not like these days because when you remember these days, you have to feel angry or sad. Whenever you remember those days that impact your mind negatively for any reason, it is necessary to outcome those negative core memories you are not like those days.

  1. Do meditation and Yoga
  2. Start doing exercise
  3. Stay Busy Your Self with any work 
  • Happy with your positive core memories on some old days 

This is the fact that according to psychology when you have to remember some days when you spend your friends and families or your relatives, those moments you have spent with a lot of happiness. You have a good laugh with your friends and your siblings after some years, you remember those days, and you laugh because you have caught some moments in your mind when you are spending time with your friends and your relatives and siblings. 

  • Core memories, some incidents in psychology 

This is an incident we catch in our minds, and we remember these incidents repeatedly after some years when we spend time with lots of happiness with our friends and relatives or family members. These are positive incidents of core memories in the term of psychology.

The negative incidents in that case when you feel negative, for example, any person has cheated you without any reason and with any sense when a person is cheated you. Another factor you are disappointed in impacts your mind. You are not overcome are those negative memories, so these memories that are negatively impacting your mind are a negative way of the core memory in the term of psychology

What is Core Memory in Psychology With Examples of The Human Brain?

What is Core Memory in Psychology?

The core memory in psychology is an example in human brains. Suppose you are celebrating your birthday party with your friends; you are going to a party, whatever club to celebrate your birthday party, and you have enjoyed the day at your birthday party and cut your cake. Your friends gave you a gift you have to remember these days whenever you are celebrating your birthday. The term psychology is a core memory. 

According to human psychology, core memory has two types negative core memory and positive core memory so let’s understand these two core memory in detail.

Negative Core Memory

Negative core memory is when you remember your bad days and their destructive impact on your brain to remember these memories when you have memorized these bad days. The negative core memory causes diseases like heart attack, brain hemorrhage, diabetes, and low blood pressure. These diseases become harmful for humans during thinking about some negative core memory which is detrimental for humans.

Positive Core Memories

The positive core memories are those memories that positively impact your mind. Suppose you remember the good days spent on your beautiful memories with your friends and your families; these are examples of positive core memories or those you spend with happiness. After you have remembered, these are the positive core memories.

This is the term and impact of the core memories when you have remembered those days, whenever these days are good days and bad days for you, these are the core memories when we record these incidents in our mind during when we spend some whole time with friends and families these are the core memories.
The core of another thing is when we spend some time with that person who has cheated us, this is also a part of the core memories.


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