The term Dark Psychology is derived from the word dark, which means darkness and not reflecting light, and Psychology is a word derived from human behavior and the study of mindfulness things. In the definition, dark psychology describes human behavior and personality traits. That is considered manipulative, deceptive, exploitative, and sometimes even dangerous. So it includes using tactics such as decent, manipulation, intimidation and coercion to influence or control others for personal gain or satisfaction.

Dark psychology is not a field of study. Still, it is often associated with the field and study of criminal behavior and the psychology of psychopaths and sociopaths. This type of Psychology is called the Toxics psychology

Some aspects of the definitive way of dark psychology can be used for positive purposes, such as in law enforcement or negotiation; its darker aspects are often associated with abusive or harmful behavior. So that therefore it is important to approach some topics with caution and be aware of potential risks associated with an application now that you are ready to take it.

What is Dark Psychology and Manipulation?

What is Dark Psychology?


The Definition of Dark Psychology and Manipulation is that dark psychology is the field of human behavior to indicate how one can behave and also affect the human mind, the involves psychological techniques and tactics to manipulate to control another for personal gain.
On the other hand, manipulation is controlling to influence someone by the personnel gaining for their benefit; it can be done through human behavior, including deception, emotion, exploitation, coercion, and intimidation.

So dark psychology and manipulation can be used in both positive and negative ways. Positive cases should help individuals overcome their fears, anxiety, and other mental health issues; however, in some negative cases, it can be used to exploit and harm others for personal gain.

It is important to note that both the term dark psychology and manipulation of others without their consent are unethical and can have serious consequences; both terms are useable in positive and negative ways, and also important that dark psychology helps the identification of the study of the human behavior while the manipulation is a term using the negative impaction of the person in behavior to using the personal gaining for using another person.

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