What is The Definition of Depress?

The definition of depress is when a person is upset or sad, that is called depressed, which shows on his face that they are distraught and he is not talking to anyone. 

Depress means that a person is very upset about something and understands that he feels very depressed.

Depress is the short word for depression. Psychologically, a depressed person occurs when there is pressure on him and they get upset. They do not feel like doing any work or something; they are agitated by many things or incidents that happened in the past. A prominent example of the difference is that when he has a financial loss, or a student gets marks in an examination, then this depressed him goes into depression, and he becomes significantly depress.

If some incident has happened with that person, he is furious. The incident occurs, and they get angry with him so much that he is unable to get his anger out anywhere, nor does that anger calm down, they start getting irritated inside, and it also causes a lot of depressed people.

A person is depressed when he starts overthinking things that have happened to him in the past. It causes anger and that press, so according to psychology, it has been said that those things I don’t think about the things that get you into trouble again and again and thinking about which make you angry, so forget those things, be busy with the work you are controlling if you will think more about the old things that happen to you. If it is not good, you will not feel like anything and go to the essential thing that has happened to you; that means you think, why did he do this to me? They cheated me in this way also; human gets depressed.

What is The Definition of Depress With Meaning

What is The Definition of Depress?

Meaning we will tell you that this definition of depress is when a person is agitated, does not like anything, or an incident has happened to him that he does not like, which has hurt his heart, then it is called depression to him. Cause of depression 

That person is depressed when someone has said about his ability, has he hurts his heart by saying something; because of that, the person has become very depressed and has felt so much about it that he can put it in his heart. Has sat down As another example, we can say that if someone has insulted that person, then it has become the reason for his depression, that too without any reason, or if he has done such a thing, it is his fault too. Even then, if they insulted me, that person became very depressed and felt they could not do anything in life.

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