What is The Definition of Manipulated Variables in Psychology?

In this Blog, we have described the definition of manipulated variables in terms of psychology, so let us start in the context of the topic in the Blog of mental academics.
In terms of psychology, manipulated variables definition in psychology is the variables by researchers whose research human behavior and measure the stress level of humans and how to take pressure during working time.
The researchers deliberately changed the term psychology to observe its effect on another variable known as the dependent variable.
The variables of the Manipulated are known as the independent variables. According to the researchers, this is the purpose of the manipulated variables to establish the cause and effect of the relationship between the variables and test the hypotheses about the psychological way of human behavior or mental process.
The Variables of the manipulated is the term used to observe the researchers whose research on the way the variable of human behavior of mental stress. Researchers whose research in psychological stress, the capacity of stress on humans how will consume this is the significant variable to understand mental stress in human behavior.
A Manipulated variable in the psychological term refers to the factor of the conditions that are intentionally alternated or manipulated by the researchers to observe the particular outcome of human behavior; these variables are used in a practical way to test the hypothesis and determine causality.

The variable is the changes in behavior, and the independent and manipulated variable is the subject of stress psychology, which measures the stress level in humans who have taken the stress and how they feel it. We know that about the level in the human base, including animals that have taken the stress and how they react. This is about the manipulated variables in psychology is the measured the level of stress by the variables of behavior.


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