What is The Meaning of Manipulate?

The meaning of manipulation is that we will keep it in psychology, such as to control something or someone for one’s benefit. 

The meaning of manipulate is to control someone for your benefit; in psychology, no matter what reason you control it, it will be called manipulate again as if you have used it on the other for your benefit. 

We can also mean Manipulate in such a way as to control oneself, mentally and physically; it is called Manipulate. As you have control over yourself, you can also take it from this time as you can wave your hand; you are waving your hand no matter what direction it is from them. You will do it be controlled by yourself. 

This is a way of telling manipulation, like having control in yourself; you will manipulate it or keep others under control for your benefit. In defeat, we tell someone that doesn’t do this, don’t do that, as parents explain to children. Please don’t make this mischief, don’t molest at uncle’s house, don’t leave his things, it means parents control their child, this is called manipulate

What is The Meaning of Manipulate With Examples?

What is The Meaning of Manipulate?

For example, we will understand that manipulation means Manipulate is the act of controlling or influencing another person. 

An example of Manipulate is when a human captures a bird or animal in a cage, or you must have ever seen in a circus that animals are very compelled to do the work that the person wants; it means to say That the human has taken complete control of the animal, whatever the human wants to do, he can get the animal done, it is called manipulate, as if the human controls the other for his benefit, as we have seen in this example of the animal.    

Another example of manipulate is when the bird is caged it wants to listen it is caged, the bird can’t do anything now the bird is longing to get out the man has taken complete control of the bird whenever he wants and Can get something done; it is also called Manipulate because a person keeps the other under control for another person. 

In conclusion, is that the meaning of Manipulate is that do control someone in own benefit its the term of manipulate. Manipulate has any reason when the person is Disappointed, Angry, and Frustrated. These are the reason when the person is manipulating easily

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