Why Can Depression Kill You?

In this article, how the Depression of further study kills you and what is the reason that Depression that kill you

Depression happens when you think more than necessary, the event that negatively happens to you, so it takes the Depression and takes it. 

According to Psychology, there are many people. If you want to cure Depression, then you start doing yoga daily and start meditating, go on an exercise like start jogging, and one more important thing is to start feeding the animal. It will not cause you Depression because if you help, there will be happiness on your face, so help others, and you will be free from Depression by doing this method. Depression, from childhood to older, Depression occurs, and it is at several o’clock in Depression that kills you and kills you.

Why Can Depression Kill You?

We will give you an example of this when the cause of the severe Depression causes kill you to that kill as if someone is suffering from financial loss or is in financial crisis; then they commit suicide when the results come in the exam, many students Or if students fail, then due to this, they go into Depression and commit suicide.

People often come into Depression when they start taking drugs like cigarettes or alcohol, which causes mental and physical harm to them; they do it because they want to feel mental, but they do not understand that their physical health is also spoiled by taking intoxicating everything substances.

Describe one more thing as the problem of illness associated with Depression

  • heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • brain hemorrhage
  • headache
  • Alzheimer’s disease

In conclusion, this is the way that depression had to kill you in several ways; these are the very dangerous ways that depression can kill you are

  • Not sharing to another person on your problem
  • Do not think negative

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